Race map?

That isn’t really a question! But yes. Here’s the map for the 5k. https://www.raceentry.com/race-maps/impeachment-5k

Will there be water?

There will be water and various lemonade flavors available at the start and finish of the 5k and the turn-around point of the 10k.

Can I register on the day of?

Yes, but it will be an extra five dollars.

Can I walk this race?

Absolutely! You are welcome to walk this 5k.

When is t-shirt and packet pick-up?

It starts at 9:30 am on race day. I would never dream of forcing you to make a separate trip.

Will this event be timed?

Yes! Race bibs will be issued to runners starting at 930 am on race day. As you cross the finish line, a volunteer will be using a phone app to enter your number. Later that day we’ll upload results by bib number.

Can I bring my kids and dogs?

Heck yes! We’re sure they’re all wonderful people and doggos. Everyone deserves a chance to try to defend themselves from a Trump presidency.

Will the course be marked?

Yes! We will be using biodegradable RouteArrows to mark your course. The 5k will be peach-colored (okay, just orange) stickers that are placed along the concrete trail. The 10k will be blue stickers.

Can I get a discount?

Also yes! You can get a discount if you volunteer for registration, if you bring a group, or if you share our event on Facebook. We, unlike certain political factions, don’t exclude folks based on income.

Can I get a refund?

Maybe. I will be ordering food based on projected attendance. If you get a hold of me before I do that, perhaps. I am ALWAYS happy to transfer or defer registrations if a refund can’t happen.